Ductless A/C

What is Ductless AC?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have effective, efficient heating and cooling without ductwork or an extensive installation? With Chapman Heating and Cooling’s complete ductless air conditioning services, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

In some respects, ductless AC is the opposite of traditional central air conditioning systems. Traditional systems use centralized equipment to heat or cool the air and distribute it through your home using ductwork. As the name suggests, ductless systems do away with all that. Instead, they use modular units that can be mounted on nearly any wall, ceiling, or floor. They condition the air directly and need only a small conduit to connect to the outdoor part of the system.

This design means ductless systems can be installed almost anywhere. Whether your home has limited space for ductwork, a complex layout, or multiple levels, ductless HVAC systems are ideal. They’re also excellent for supplementing existing heating and cooling systems.

The Benefits of Ductless AC

One of the greatest advantages of a ductless AC system is efficiency. Ductless units consume considerably less energy than central HVAC systems without sacrificing comfort. They can also be independently adjusted so that you don’t pay to heat or cool rooms you’re not using. Since traditional systems lose a significant amount of energy through leaky ductwork, ductless systems also eliminate waste. These are just a few of the ways Chapman Heating and Cooling’s customers benefit from installing ductless air conditioning systems.

  • Virtually unlimited flexibility to place units all around your home
  • More efficient energy usage to help lower utility costs
  • Independent temperature settings to keep everyone comfortable
  • Improved indoor air quality thanks to increased filtration
  • Simple and affordable installation
  • Installs with minimal disruption even in small or irregular spaces

Is AC Ductless Right for My Home?

During our years working in the HVAC industry, we’ve come to find that flexibility is key. A solution that works perfectly for some people may not be effective – or even practical – for others. Our ductless HVAC installation service is ideal if your home isn’t well-suited to a traditional central air system. It’s also great for adding heating and cooling to a new addition or eliminating troublesome hot or cold spots. Of course, we also offer responsive repairs and routine maintenance to keep your ductless units operating efficiently. Whether it’s a full system or a supplementary addition, ductless AC is a great option for many homeowners.

Complete Ductless AC Services

It’s easy to see why ductless mini-split and multi-split systems have become so popular in recent years. At Chapman Heating and Cooling, we want to make sure you have a great experience when you choose ductless air conditioning. Our NATE-certified service technicians are trained and experienced in every aspect of ductless HVAC service, from expert installation to fast and reliable repairs. Talk to our Louisville ductless AC contractors to see whether ditching ducts may be the right decision for you.