Preventative Maintenance

Affordable Scheduled Maintenance

Buying and installing quality equipment is important, but it’s only one part of the equation. For optimal performance and durability, you also need to keep your equipment well-maintained. You can do your part by regularly checking your air filter and replacing it when needed. However, there are many other important maintenance tasks that are best left to professional air conditioning contractors.

We’re always ready to help with heating repairs, but we’d also like to help you avoid them. Over the years, we’ve seen countless examples of just how important it is to keep heating systems well-maintained. In fact, we conduct repairs nearly every day that could have easily been avoided with some basic care.

What can a Preventive Maintenance Plan do for you?

  • Extend equipment life! Plus, keep your warranties valid! Even though you have a warranty through your manufacturer if a part fails in your equipment due to lack of maintenance they have the right to void the warranty.
  • Save money on utility bills! Think of how hard your system has to work in the extreme temperatures we experience. Dirty filters and equipment force your unit to have to work even harder which can result in higher utility bills and possible breakdowns!
  • Create a healthy and comfortable atmosphere! Just like your car, your heating and cooling systems need tune-ups, cleaning, and maintenance to ensure proper operation.
  • Save money on future service calls! By obtaining a Preventive Maintenance Plan through Chapman Heating & Cooling you will be upgraded to a priority customer. This means you get bumped ahead of the line when service calls come in and you will receive a 10% discount on replacement parts.

What does our maintenance plan include?

Chapman Heating and Cooling will inspect all HVAC equipment to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency each year. Our bi-annual or quarterly Preventive Maintenance Plans are full safety and efficiency agreements for your home or office HVAC equipment. They will ensure that the equipment has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned for optimal efficiency and provide you with the most comfort possible! We will perform the following as part of our safety and efficiency agreement.

Air Conditioning Inspection

Heating Inspection

How long does it take?

On average a maintenance/cleaning takes about an hour per unit.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Just call our office and schedule an appointment at your convenience! Once we have you in rotation on our schedule, we will give you a courtesy call to remind you that your due for your next maintenance visit. For our bi-annual customers, our goal is maintenance every 6 months.